Aloevera Extract Capsules


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Nutralytes Aloevera Capsule is formulated with Aloe Vera which has various health benefits.It helps in improving digestion and provides effective relief from constipation.It helps in maintaining the natural pH balance of the body and relieves from heartburn .Enriched with antioxidants, it helps in improving immunity. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in relieving inflammation and pain in the joints.



Key Benefits:

  • Improves digestion and reduces acidity in stomach
  • Helps in boosting immunity
  • Supports healthy functioning of heart and liver
  • Beneficial for diabetes
  • Makes skin and hair healthy
  • Helps in relieving pain and inflammation in joints

Directions For Use:

  • Take one capsule in a day or as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage
  • Store in a cool and dry place

Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera

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