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Nutralytes Shilajit is a herbal formulation for enhancing libido, virility and overall well-being. These capsules come power-packed with authentic and premium-quality Shilajit extract derived from the Himalayan range. Apart from its aphrodisiac properties, this organic supplement makes a potent remedy for chronic inflammation, digestive disorders, gastrointestinal problems, stress and many others.


What is Shilajit?
Shilajit, also known as mumijo is a gummy exudate that oozes from the cracks in the Himalayas. It is formed by the decaying plants caught up in the tectonic shifts that transforms into humus and eventually into a rock-like substance by the action of useful microbes. This blackish-brown resin is considered a treasure trove in Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system of India and forms an active ingredient for many herbo mineral formulations or Rasaoushadhies. Also, it makes one of the best nutrient carriers for a human body and provides with a variety of health benefits, ranging from maintaining healthy digestion to enhancing energy level. In fact, it finds a mentioning in the ancient Indian texts on sexuality as a ‘powerful ignite of sex drive’. Shilajit also contains crucial minerals like iron, selenium, zinc, and calcium, fulvic acid, vitamins, terpenoids and phospholipids.

Health benefits of Shilajit-
The Sanskrit word Shilajit means ‘the conqueror of mountains’ or ‘the destroyer of weakness.’ Similarly, this organic extract boasts powerful medicinal properties and benefits your health in several ways.
Some of most impressive health benefits of Shilajit capsules as follows-

1. Boosts libido-
Original Shilajit makes a wonderful aphrodisiac and is being used to treat a spectrum of sexual disorders, since ancient times. This organic compound is admired for its testosterone-boosting properties and makes a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction in men. It is a potent vasodilator that increases the blood flow in the genitals, which, in turn, leads to better bed room performance and enhanced virility. Besides, this tar-like substance work wonders when it comes to increasing sperm count and motility. Apart from that it is useful in treating infertility issues in both men and women.

2. Treats chronic fatigue-
Pure Shilajit makes an excellent rejuvenator and diligently repairs the body cells, and helps reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. A regular consumption of Shilajit tablets reduces fatigue at the source level and helps you stay active, energetic and more focused.

3. Improves digestive health-
This herbal resin contains a variety of phytochemicals and minerals that effectively maintains equilibrium of anabolism and catabolism in the body to enhance its absorptive and detoxifying abilities. In precise, using Shilajit regularly boosts metabolism and enables your body to absorb nutrients more effectively. Moreover, it helps relieve indigestion, constipation, bloating and nausea as well.

4. Prevents gastrointestinal troubles-
Shilajit is also known for its anti-ulcer genic properties and is believed to be one of the best remedies for many gastrointestinal problems. It contains a generous amount of fulvic acid that fights against chronic inflammation in the gut as well as aids pepsin secretion. Pepsin is an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of protein into smaller fragments to aid digestion. Besides, increases the production of mucus that forms a barrier between the stomach acid and lining to lower the risk of peptic ulcer and other damage.

5. Repairs tissues and muscles–
The amazing regenerative properties of Shilajit have been acknowledged by many researchers. Its muscle and bone repair properties make it an effective anabolic agent for athletes, sportspersons and defence personnel’s. Also, protects the neurons from external stress and helps increase muscle mass after intense activity.

6. Balances blood sugar-
Shilajit is highly effective in balancing blood glucose levels and is considered a natural remedy for diabetes. It diligently rejuvenates the pancreatic cells and helps regulate insulin spikes and body sugar.

7. Improves mental health-
Apart from its aphrodisiac properties, Shilajit makes an excellent adaptogen too. This natural compound soothes the mind and helps relieve stress, anxiety, and mild depression. Besides, it prevents the breakdown of significant brain chemicals that are responsible for keeping you in good cognitive health.

8. Good for maintaining skin health-
Due to anti-oxidant properties, it helps in preventing premature ageing process. Fulvic acid in Shilajit helps in the absorption of essential healthy nutrients from the food, which nourishes your skin. Even, Shilajit helps to keep skin healthy or glowing, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.

Benefits of Shilajit for women-
Shilajit has several health benefits for women as well. It helps maintain vital reproductive hormones like progesterone and oestrogens in females and help maintain sexual wellness. Regular intake of this supplement helps lower menstrual pain and cramps, mood swings and regularizes menstrual cycle. Besides, it rejuvenates the body cells and enables them stay fit and energetic.

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